About Megan

Life is Good… And the Best is Yet to Come!

This became the name of my first blog eight years ago, after dealing with a cancer scare and managing to beat it quickly!  It was then that I decided life is too short to be looking for the downsides in everything and to meet life, instead, with an attitude of gratitude.  And life has continued to show me big and small miracles ever since!

My life is graced with a good family, wonderful friends, meaningful work (both paid and unpaid), a faith that sustains me, a husband that continuously challenges me to be a better person, and now, a son and daughter that make me giggle many times a day – everyday!  I’ve been able to travel to new places, experience other cultures, enjoy many live concerts of incredible music, and explore the great outdoors on foot, in kayaks and canoes, and sleeping in tents.

Life has often been unpredictable (which I kind of like) and thrown punches and curveballs…  But we meet them head on and find the good in it all!

I hope, as I grow into this new role as “mom,” that I will continue to journey through life with this same attitude!  I can’t imagine any other way to be…  That’s what faith is all about, right?


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