Well, here goes nothing!  I’m officially a SAHM (yep, I even know the code for “stay at home mom” now).  Craziness.

You can read the story of our little man’s arrival on my old blog, megslifeisgood@blogspot.com.  We had just about given up on having kids, when Surprise!  We were pregnant.  I had started making plans for my future without kids…  Registering for classes, looking into a new certification, new goals and ambitions…

And then, a few months go by and as I began feeling kicks and hiccups, the thought of staying home with him became more and more a dream that could come true.

And so here I am – beginning a new adventure that I thought I’d never want to do – but filled with excitement, nerves, and a heart full of love!  This little guy has broken my heart wide open and I can’t wait to see what kind of life unfolds for us.

So, I’ll be recording our adventures here – mostly to document our life, partly to “think out loud,” and hopefully, to be part of larger conversations with other women, moms, daughters, and friends.  I’ve relied heavily on blogs and message boards for ideas, thoughts, and just to “feel normal” when things seemed a little out of whack.  So maybe I can offer that help to someone else, too.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

Life is good.

And it seems to always be getting better…!Image