Made it Monday – Pool!

We finally “made it” to the pool this summer!  (Which is silly…  We live in a neighborhood with two beautiful pools…)  Between the summer being a little cooler than usual, our vacations, the pool hours (opening at 10am), avoiding the peak sun times, Hubby getting home around 4:30…  And Sawyer’s dinner and bedtime rituals beginning at 5:30pm…  We just hadn’t made it to the pool yet.

It’s August!

And we’re so pale!

(I usually half live at the pool during the summer!)

But we finally made it.  Sawyer was wearing all the ridiculous sun-protection clothing and sunscreen.  He looked hilarious.  (But I saw the news last week – apparently, we’re all going to get skin cancer.  So might as well protect the next generation from the very beginning…)

We started gradually.  I sat on the step with the little guy.  He dipped his toes and we splashed a bit.  He was slow to to smile.  But eventually thought that was pretty cool.

photo 3

Then, we let him stand on a step.  Since he loves standing anywhere – that was a big hit!  Now we were having fun!

photo 2-2

Mike eventually took him into the water and pulled him around a bit – then the smiles really came!  And he started kicking – loving it!

photo 1-3

He was perfectly happy lounging in Daddy’s arms, enjoying the show that all the other kids were putting on.  He was entranced by the splashing and laughing and yelling.  The pool “noodles” even caught his attention – curiosity peaked.

photo 3-2

photo 2-4

So cute.  What a fun way to spend our Sunday afternoon!

Isn’t it funny how the simplest things become magical again, once you have a baby in the house?  Watching them experience things for the first time is so enchanting.  The wide, bright eyes.  The wonder.  The uncertainty.  The excitement.  The joy.

photo 4

It was pretty clear to the other moms at the pool that it was Sawyer’s first trip to the pool.  (They all had that knowing smile and chuckle as they watched us…)  One mom even offered to take our picture.  I love it!

photo 1-2

Did you accomplish any goals lately?  (I hope they were as fun as a day at the pool!)



The Daily Question is:  What are you chasing at the moment?


Hmmm…  I’m getting ready to chase my 6 1/2 month old!  He’s “army crawling” now and able to make his way across the room…  So, any day now, he’ll be on the move!  Getting into things every time my back is turned.  Good grief.  I’m so not ready for that!

But what else am I “chasing?”

I’m not sure…

I think for the first time in my life – I’m at rest for the moment.  And it’s a weird sensation.  

Career goals are on hold.  Vacation and travels are on hold – or, at least, majorly simplified!  The dreams of moving and buying a house are on hold for a few years.  The only thing I can think of that I’m “moving toward” is my weight loss and getting back into healthy habits.  And maybe, returning to my crafty, loves-to-cook self.  

But neither of those goals are being “chased” – just gradually re-entered.

When I think of “chasing” something, it feels like it’s urgent.  It’s needed.  It’s something that you put all your energy towards until you reach it.  There’s a goal that must be met, before you can rest and feel content – or happy, for that matter.

I’m not chasing right now.  Thank goodness.  Life is good.  I do rest (when the kid rests).  And I am content (even as I sit here mid-morning, in my yoga pants and hoodie, no make-up, hair in a ponytail, with cold coffee on the desk and no plans for the day other than crawling around on the floor, reading books, experimenting with peas and apples, and giggling at peek-a-boo!).

And I’m happy.  Very happy.

I’m sure it won’t be long before I have the need to “chase” a goal again.  I think it’s natural and what keeps us moving forward.  But I also intend to fully enjoy this moment – as I don’t think it happens very often in life.  I intend to soak up these days of playing and rocking and singing and reading…  Every minute.  Because one day it will be over…  And suddenly, I’ll be free to “chase” other things again…  

And I’ll miss this.  I know I will.  The simplicity.  The overwhelming love.  The cuddles and wonder.

So, no.  I’m not chasing anything at the moment – and next week, it will probably be the little one.   And that’s ok.  Actually…  It’s so, so good!

What are you chasing at this moment?  I’d love to hear!