Road Trip!

Ahhh…   The dreaded road trip – with a baby.  What usually takes 5 hours to get to my mother-in-law’s house, now takes at least 6 hours, usually 6.5.  Lovely.

But here’s the thing – I LOVE our rest stops!  It’s great family time!

We bring a giant picnic blanket and find a shady spot in the grass.  Get the babe out of the car, let him wiggle and crawl and play. Change him.  Feed him.  And play.  Lots of play.  Gotta say, after a long week – this can be pretty fun times!  (Even the dog gets in on the fun.)


Daddy is trying to eat his lunch…  With Sawyer and Bailey doing their best to make him give it up!  (Mr Tough Guy!)


Stretching his legs – with wiggles and dancing, too!

Today, we found some great McDonald’s with nice, big trees and grassy areas around their parking lots.  Perfect.  Isn’t it funny that we now rate places to stop along the way by who has the nicest lawns?  I’ll be very sad when winter comes and we actually have to sit inside… and behave… and use the icky changing tables…  I plan to thoroughly enjoy the rest of the summer road trips!

What are you – particularly – loving this summer?



Happy Place

When you’re told to think of your “happy place,” what comes to mind?

I was realizing yesterday that at this time last year, we were gearing up for our ten day road/camping trip to Glacier National Park in Montana…  That, my friends, is my happy place.  In fact, in my birthing classes, when we talked about visualizations, I would picture kayaking on Lake MacDonald…


Today, there is a cool breeze blowing through my window…  And I’m remembering sitting at our campsite, looking out over the lake, listening to the breeze and the birds and the chipmunks…  It was simply perfect.  Beautiful.  Peaceful.


A perfect place to visit just before welcoming our son into the world.  And I can’t wait to take him there!

Isn’t it interesting to think about the term, “happy place?”  What makes Glacier my place over sitting at the kitchen table?  Or the pool?  Or playing on the floor with the pooch and the kid?  (Not that those aren’t happy places!)

I think for me, a total introvert, it’s about the re-charge.  In a place with fresh air, cool breezes, quiet, few people, the smell of yesterday’s campfire lingering in the air and on our clothes…  It’s the simplicity that makes me smile.  The lack of obligations and duties.  The ability to sit and daydream – or go on an afternoon adventure and discover new things.  It’s making it up as we go along…  And doing it all with my favorite person in the whole world…  I love it.


And I wonder when we’ll get to do it again…?

Where’s your Happy Place?