Oh, Baby…!

Here we go!  This happened this weekend:


I went to his room, thinking he was sleeping, just to check on him.  I found him sitting up in his crib.  This was the first time he’d done that!  So I ran to get the camera in order to show my husband…  When I got back, he was kneeling.  Huh.  First time he’d done that, too.  Looked down at my phone to get the camera function up and running, looked up… and Waa-la!  He was standing – with this terrified look on his face!  

It was one of those moments when a thousand thoughts run through your head, all at the same moment.  I was amazed, excited, terrified for and with him, and dismayed that my easy days at home with him were about to be over.  I knew if I said anything – whether it be a “yeah!,” a “oh $#&*!” or nothing at all – he was going to fall forward and bump his little head…  And sure enough, within just a couple of seconds, he did.  Ugh.

After I calmed him – and me – down, I went downstairs to where my husband was grilling our dinner and said, “It’s time to lower his mattress.”  Hubby looked at me and said, “Ok.”  (Probably thinking we’d do it tomorrow…)  “Now.”  I said.  I told him what happened and he obligingly went upstairs to do just that.  We finally got the kid to sleep – way past his bedtime.  Dinner was late…  And we both stared at each across the dinner table, thinking, “Here we go!”

Sawyer is 6 1/2 months old…  I really thought I had awhile until I’d be dealing with these kinds of happenings…  Maybe I was naive?  Or wishful?  Either way – in a matter of 19 days he taught himself to: sit up unassisted; army crawl; go from crawling to sitting up and sitting up to crawling; and now, apparently, he pulls himself up on furniture to a standing position.


Gotta say, I’m having a hard time with this.  It’s all going so fast!  I guess I thought I’d have time to get used to the crawling (and baby-proofing) before the standing by the furniture.  Now, I’m really curious when he’ll try to walk.  He has a long ways to go to figure out the whole balance thing – but he’s already figuring out how to put one foot in front of the other when we hold his fingers…

Too fast!

I already miss the days of having him in my arms or in a baby carrier most of the day…  It seemed like I would never be able to get anything done, every again…  And yet, it was so nice to have him so close.  And then, the days of him in his little seat or the swing – laughing at me while I danced around, cleaning the house or making meals.  I was so proud of myself if I could win a smile or a giggle!  And lately, just getting him to crawl five feet to “come to mama!”  His look of determination should have warned me what was coming next!

Now, when we find him pulling himself up – whether on our hands, the couch, or in his crib – he’s so proud of himself.  It’s fun – and terrifying – to see that “look what I just did!” smile.  When we say “sooooo big!” he lights up – it’s as if he knows exactly what we’re talking about.

It’s pretty amazing…  Watching him become his own person.  And to think, I always thought I wasn’t a baby person.  I would have been perfectly happy to jump to the four-year-old days.  And now?  I wouldn’t miss this for anything!  It’s crazy and exciting to see what he does every day…  And trust me.  There is literally something new just about every day!

(In fact, he just grabbed my finger and put it in his mouth – and guess what?!  I finally felt a tooth!  The journey continues….)

What excitement did you encounter this weekend?


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