This Stuff Really Happens…


Last night was our first projectile vomiting adventure since beginning solid foods.  Honestly?  This was one of my biggest fears of becoming a parent.  Puke.  I’m about as squeamish as they come and dreaded the day this would happen.

The kid and I were sitting on the couch, playing happily and all seemed well.  Daddy came home from work and said a quick “hi” before going into the bedroom to change out of his work clothes.  In that quick moment, Sawyer started bouncing up and down with excitement to play with Daddy – and apparently bounced one too many times.  He suddenly looked at me with a look of horror – eyes wide and glassy, mouth pinched…  And then it erupted.  Like “The Exorcist.”  All over me, him, the couch.  Let’s just say the dog is lucky she’s so quick and spry!

I was in such shock all I could do was yell, “help!!!”  My husband came running – in his boxers and socks, which kind of made me laugh in the midst of the mess…  He graciously threw me a towel and grabbed a basin for the still-coming ick.  

Then, the smell came.  That’s when I had to tap out.  I offered to take the kid and jump in the shower – for both our sakes – while Hubby took care of cleaning up the couch.  He agreed.  And I swear a shower was never so welcomed…  Mike even rinsed our clothes and took care of anything that smelled like puke.  Thank God.

Once all had calmed down, baby was clean, Mama was clean, the couch cushions were off the couch (covers in the washer – I believe, for the first time ever!)…  My husband looked at me and said, “You handled that remarkably well.”  And he smirked.  Yes.  Smirked.

I survived.  I stayed calm (with the one exception, my scream for help).  I didn’t join in the vomiting – which, let’s be honest, was my worst fear.  I didn’t pass out.

I’m a mom, now.  And the mom gene must be kicking in.  Because all of a sudden, I can do it.  I got this.  Probably not with anyone else’s kid…  But hey.  It’s a start!

Now…  Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again for a VERY long time, shall we?


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