Cup of Joe


My new best friend…  Coffee.

I used to be someone who could sleep.  I mean really sleep!  I could wake up at 8…  or 9am…  Take a nap in the afternoon.  Doze while watching TV in the evening…  Then maybe go to bed at 1am and begin all over again.  Man, I loved sleep!

Now, my typical day seems to be starting at 5:30am.

And there are no naps.

Therefore, coffee.

My husband has always made coffee to take to work in the mornings – and now he makes extra, and buys me yummy creamers, so I have a treat to start my day.  (He’s a keeper!)

Caffeine used to be my enemy…  Now, I can’t imagine a day without it!  Funny how things change.  I guess you could say it’s a new “vice.”

So what’s your vice?  What gets you through the day?  What makes you smile and “keep on truckin’?”



(And yes…  For those of you who knew me before baby – that is my desk.  Messy.  Piles.  Things to do.  The neat freak is at rest.  Life has taken over.  And guess what?  I’m good with it!  It’ll get cleaned up when it needs to get cleaned up…  For now, I need to go play “peek a boo!”)


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